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Levels one and two were developed to address the needs of very young learners of English, ages 7 to 10. The language at these levels is highly simplified, and structures are very basic. Levels three, four, and five are parallel to the G-TELP battery, since they were developed using the same criteria and standards for the G-TELP. However, the subject matter of the Junior G-TELP tests reflect school-related and personal topics and situations that are familiar to students of a young age group. The Junior G-TELP test sections vary somewhat in length, as in the G-TELP. The test items resemble those of the G-TELP, though reflecting school-related and personal topics. The test results are displayed in the same format as the G-TELP, in both an individual Score Report and a group Summary Score Report.
Test Method Paper-based and computer-based
Test Area Grammar, Listening and Reading
Level Level 1 to 5
Application To individuals or groups
Duration of Score Validity Two (2) years