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The General Tests of English Language Proficiency (G-TELP¢ā) assess the English language proficiency of nonnative speakers in real-world situations. Evaluation of examinee performance is based on well-defined, functional language tasks which are assessed at different levels and vary in type and complexity. The G-TELP assessment system offers a full range of interrelated components.
In contrast to the G-TELP battery, which consists of different tests at the different levels of English
language proficiency and assesses the language subskills of listening, reading, vocabulary and grammar, a single Speaking Test evaluates the different levels of oral communication skills. Furthermore, the method for scoring and evaluating the Speaking Test is different from the G-TELP battery of tests.
It more closely approximates a measure of communicative competence in speaking because it presents real-world (authentic) tasks, situations, and materials.
Test Type Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview
Duration 40 minutes
Availability of Score Report 3 weeks (15 working days)
Question Around 30 questions divided among 11 parts
Level Levels 1 to 5
Contents, Grammar, Fluency, Vocabulary, Pronunciation
Duration of Score Validity Two (2) years