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The tests evaluate proficiency at eight different levels of functional ability: It is comparable to the G-TELP battery of tests in that the levels of functional ability vary with respect to the types of language tasks and complexity of skills in which an examinee is expected to demonstrate competence in everyday, business or corporate situations.
The GBT is comprised of three (3) distinct, but inter-related tests: GBT-Basic, GBT-Intermediate, and GBT-Advanced. Each test contains two (2) sections: a written section, and a speaking section. There are 10 tasks in each section, and each section takes approximately sixty (60) minutes to complete, for a total of twenty (20) tasks which take two (2) hours to complete for each test.
All three (3) GBT tests are designed to contain 100% business-oriented materials, topics and situations. They are comprehensive tests because not do they assess the speaking and listening ability of the examinee, they also assess an examinee¡¯s written communication proficiency. The examinee¡¯s proficiency is measured through his responses to the various work-related situations and conditions presented, and are based on well defined, functional language tasks.
For the written component, the examinee¡¯s responses shall be evaluated according to the following criteria : Grammar, Organization, Style, Substance, and Vocabulary.
For the speaking component, the examinee¡¯s responses will be recorded, and the recorded speech sample will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Content, Fluency, Grammar, Pronunciation, and Vocabulary.